Arrow Restaurant Equipment
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What is Arrow? Arrow Restaurant Equipment Company has been in business since 1980. We specialize in supplying restaurant equipment, food service equipment and the commercial development of restaurants. We have supplied and built many fast food restaurants, fine dining, markets, liquor stores, ice cream, donut shops, bagel shops, espresso stores and almost any type of restaurants you can think of.

We have been supplying restaurant and food service equipment to not only restaurants but many institutions as well; including hotel, Universities, city colleges, prisons/holding facilities, schools and pretty much anyone who needs anything for a commercial kitchen. Arrow has successfully completed hundreds of projects in Southern California. Arrow 's service includes designs, construction and supply of restaurant equipment for your restaurant or institution projects.

We also provide an online reorder system to our customers. It is a simple, effective way to place recurring orders for smallwares, supplies and other similar products. It was created to reduce the time needed to place and receive reordered products as well as to provide meaningful feedback for purchasers and managers. You can log in any time day or night and order your products that are just for your restaurant / kitchen that are easily recognizable, minimizing confusion and allowing for a faster reorder process. Ask us for more information on how Arrow Restaurant Equipment can help you!

Here is a small list of the items we carry:
kitchen ware, ranges, ovens, freezer, refrigerator, commercial kitchen hood, restaurant equipment, baking ovens, convection oven, range, char broilers, grills, broiler, pan, fryer, scales, slicers ice, mixers, kitchen equipment, food warmers, toasters, kiosk, merchandiser, food processor, espresso machine, food service equipment, deli case, dishwashing machines, burners, baking equipment, air curtain, commercial sinks, kitchen equipment small wares, cookers, chairs, tables, restaurant bars, bar equipment, commercial microwave oven, mixer, drink mixers, stoves, etc.